Our online eLearning quiz is free of charge and has been developed to give chefs a great way of getting to know the fundamental principles of vegetarian food and catering before attending one of our courses.

Study the 5 units in any order you like and when you feel comfortable you've learnt enough you can take our online test to assess your knowledge.

Unit 1 - Definitions of a Vegetarian/Vegan. This unit explains what the different types of vegetarian do and don't eat

Unit 2 - Hygiene & Cross Contamination. This unit helps you identify problems that can occur from cross contamination and gives guidance to keeping your kitchen free of problems.

Unit 3 - Hidden Ingredients. This unit explains all the hidden ingredients which are used in common everyday dishes which you may not know about.

Unit 4 - Nutrition. This unit gives the basic principles behind vegetarian nutrition to ensure you are serving healthy meals to your customers.

Unit 5 -
Menu Planning. The final unit helps you to develop balanced menus.

Once you have completed all the units you can take our online test here.

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