Flavours of America
Some say everything is bigger and better in the USA and vegetarian cooking is no exception. On this course you can learn how to create classic American dishes from the big apple to the windy city, tinseltown to the sunshine state, there truly is something for all tastes here.
Dates: 24 Mar 15, 27 May 15
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Flavours of France
French cuisine is often considered to be the bench mark of world cuisine with chefs cutting their teeth in French kitchens. This course takes inspiration from selection great French classics.
Dates: 21 Apr 15, 06 Aug 15, 15 Oct 15, 12 Feb 16
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Flavours of Italy
Let us take you on a sensory journey through Italy . The Italians are renowned for their devotion to fresh food and our course is no different!
Dates: 27 Jan 15, 01 Apr 15, 10 Jun 15, 11 Sep 15, 04 Feb 16
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Flavours of Mexico
Learn to create simple spicy food using native ingredients, steeped in history from one of North Americas most fascinating countries. Discover how to make real Mexican chilli, Rellenos, enchiladas and burritos, along with all of the accompaniments to make a classic Mexican fiesta.
Dates: 09 May 15, 17 Sep 15, 20 Jan 16
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Flavours of North Africa
Join us as we take you on a culinary journey through the sukhs of Morocco and Egypt. A blend of traditional Mediterranean ingredients mixed with exotic fruits and spices make dishes such as Asih Merahrah , Harira and Shakshouka and many more delightfully exotic dishes.
Dates: 16 May 15, 11 Aug 15, 11 Nov 15, 21 Feb 16
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Flavours of Spain
Straight from the vibrant Spanish cities of Barcelona and Madrid, relive that holiday feeling with Flavours of Spain. Using traditional ingredients learn how to create classic Spanish dishes including Paella, Tapas and the ever popular Spanish omelette and much more. Ole !
Dates: 27 Mar 15, 11 Jun 15, 12 Aug 15, 25 Feb 16
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Flavours of the Caribbean
Warm yourself with a little tropical sunshine! Exotic flavours and spices stemming from many influences such as Africa, China and Europe.
Dates: 28 Feb 15, 12 May 15, 13 Sep 15, 19 Nov 15, 20 Feb 16
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Flavours of the East
From the paddy fields to bustling cities, journey through Asia with Flavours of the East, delicate flavours and interesting spices are all part of this style of cooking. Learn how to make classic dishes such as Pad Thai, Hot and Sour soup and sushi amongst others!
Dates: 20 Feb 15, 16 Apr 15
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If you want to learn how a particular country or region's traditional and national dishes are made then our "Flavours of.." series of workshops are what you've been looking for. Vegetarian food is both tasty and culturally diverse and these courses aim to show you just that.

In this series of workshops you can take a culinary trip around the globe to places known for their distinct cuisine. You can learn recipes from countries afar apart as North Africa to the exotic East. Our expert tutors will demonstrate dishes to you in the morning and you get to work creating a selection of them for your lunch, which is shared buffet style.

Registration is from 9.15am with the workshop starting 9.30am and running to 3.00pm. The price of the course includes:
  • All tuition and workshop ingredients
  • Coffee & refreshments on arrival
  • Cordon Vert recipe booklet

Also see our FAQ page for more information.

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